Award Winners

2019  Jon Ford, Lifetime Achievement Award
2019  Julia Rieman, Professionalism Award
2019  Jeff Crites, Pro Bono Award
2019  Taylor Venus, Outstanding Young Lawyer Award
2018  Richard M. Perry, President's Award
2018  Elizabeth Beam, Lifetime Achievement Award
2018  Linda McKnight Pickens, Lifetime Achievement Award
2018  Karig P. Culver, Professionalism Award
2018  Benjamin J. Barker, Outstanding Young Lawyer Award
2017  Clark G. McKeever, Lifetime Achievement Award
2017  David J. Ezzell, Professionalism Award
2016  Ben Ezzell, Outstanding Young Lawyer Award
2016  Jon R. Ford, Pro Bono Award
2016  Cliff L. Elliott, Lifetime Achievement Award
2016  Judge Norman Grey, Lifetime Achievement Award
2016  John Scott, Professionalism Award
2015  Doug L. Jackson, Professionalism Award
2015  Randy J. Long, Ann Overstreet Pro Bono Award
2015  Jason A. Seigars, Outstanding Young Lawyer Award
2015  Stephen Jones, Lifetime Achievement Award
2014  Clark G. McKeever, Professionalism Award
2014  James F. Long, Lifetime Achievement Award
2014  Clint A. Claypole, Outstanding Young Lawyer Award
2013  Norman A. Lamb, Lifetime Achievement Award
2013  Andrew S. Ewbank, Outstanding Young Lawyer Award
2013  Timothy R. Beebe, Ann Overstreet Pro Bono Award
2013  Judge John W. Michael, Ann Overstreet Pro Bono Award
2013  Nancy L. Enabnit, Professionalism Award
2011  Bob Gregory, Lifetime Achievement Award
2011  Jon R. Ford, Professionalism Award
2011  Erin Means, Outstanding Young Lawyer Award
2011  Andrew S. Ewbank, Ann Overstreet Pro Bono Award
2010  Dalen D. McVay, Outstanding Young Lawyer Award
2010  David C. Butler, Professionalism Award
2010  Tim J. Crowley, Lifetime Achievement Award
2010  Judge Ron Franklin, Lifetime Achievement Award
2010  Cathy Stocker, Lifetime Achievement Award
2009  Richard L. McKnight, Lifetime Achievement Award
2009  Gary L. Brown, Ann Overstreet Pro Bono Award
2009  Timothy R. Traynor, Professionalism Award
2009  Glenn A. Devoll, Professionalism Award
2009  Chad N. Davis, Outstanding Young Lawyer Award
2008  Kaleb K. Hennigh, Outstanding Young Lawyer Award
2008  Judge Richard Pickens, Lifetime Achievement Award
2008  Russell N. Singleton, Ann Overstreet Pro Bono Award
2008  James R. Cox, Professionalism Award
2008  Karl L. Richter, Lifetime Achievement Award
2007  Robert R. Faulk, initial recipient of the Outstanding Young Lawyer Award
2007  Owen D. Wilson, Professionalism Award
2007  Shera D. Shirley, Ann Overstreet Pro Bono Award
2006  Richard L. McKnight, Professionalism Award
2005  Ann Overstreet, initial recipient of the Pro Bono Award
2004  Dennis W. Hladik, Professionalism Award
2003  Roger Johnston, Professionalism Award

NOTE: Page Belcher Jr. received the Lifetime Achievement Award, but the
year is unknown.