December 10, 2017

Although one only need sign the Roll of Attorneys at the courthouse to achieve the office, I am honored to be president of the Garfield County Bar Association for 2018.  I hope that each of you, who have not done so already, will hustle on down to the courthouse and sign the Roll of Attorneys, so that you will have the opportunity to serve our County Bar Association when your name comes up. 

I have two small goals for my presidency in 2018.  Although they are small goals, I hope that if we accomplish them, they will last far beyond my term as president and help the GCBA to be a stronger entity that provides significant benefits to its members and to the community of Garfield County, Oklahoma. 

First, I would like for us to adopt new by-laws so that each incoming officer knows their responsibilities, so that our standing committees are established and can be productive and effective, and so that we have rules to guide us as we move forward.  I am interested in hearing your ideas on what we need to include in the rules that will govern our Association as we move into the future. 

Second, I would like for us to establish a website, so that we have a more visible presence.  A website will allow attorneys from outside our county to identify our officers and more readily contact our Bar Association.  The website will also allow us to communicate with our membership without sending out those mass emails that can be annoying and can clutter your inbox.  You will be able to check the web-page for our calendar of bar events and bar news.  Additionally, the web-page will contain links to State and Federal websites that I hope you will find useful in your daily practice.  Thanks to the efforts of the Hon. Richard M. Perry, the chair of the website committee for 2018, my second goal is well on the way to being accomplished early in the year!

I hope that 2018 is a year filled with blessings for all of you.


Julia C. Rieman

2018 President, Garfield County Bar Association